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Location Data Management

Local Business Marketing

Smartphones have fundamentally changed how customers interact with local businesses

  • 34x

    increase in “Near Me” searches since 2011

  • 93%

    of sales still occur in person

  • 4 in 5

    local mobile searches result in a purchase

  • 40%

    of in-person purchases include online research

  • 55%

    of conversions occur within 1 hour of initial mobile search

  • 76%

    of purchasing decisions are made in-person & locally

Today’s mobile revolution is about more than the newest smartphone and the next big app.

It’s about leveraging these technologies to make it easy for your customers to find you online and visit your location(s).

The Importance of Managing Location Data

Offline business presence can be…confusing.





Compromised online business presence is even worse…

Imagine asking 10 random people where a particular restaurant is and receiving identical answers:

Consistency results in high confidence (and higher ranking) for consumers and search engine crawlers

Now imagine asking 10 random people where a particular restaurant is and receiving not the same answers:

Inconsistency results in low confidence, which decreases search ranking and risks lost business

Todd Company offers you the guaranteed solution in local business marketing

Control how customers view you online

Build your business’s brand

Drive more traffic online and offline

  • Integrated Technology

    Integrated technology with online sites and directories means that you’re in complete control of the information displayed to your customers online. What we put into the platform is exactly what your customers see and cannot be overwritten by anyone but you.

  • Duplicate Suppression

    will solve SEO-damaging duplicate listings and keep them from reappearing.

  • Real-Time Updates

    means that your business information will be 100% up-to-date all the time – no delays.

Our Network, Your Reach

We partner with over 70 major publishers including Google, Bing, YP, Yelp to make sure your business listings info stays consistent and up to date. Any changes can be done on the fly and there’s no need to create 70 different usernames and passwords and make corrections in every single directory manually.

Stand out from the competition

A listing with 14/14 fields complete receive…


more searches


more Yelp page views


more listing view

Yahoo Business Listing for Todd Company

… than a listing with ¼ fields completed

Ready to take your First Step and see how your business is listed across 70 major online business directories in real time?